Bronze Reed Diffuser Set
Bronze Reed Diffuser Set
Bronze Reed Diffuser Set
Bronze Reed Diffuser Set

Bronze Reed Diffuser Set

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Presented in a smart black box with magnetic closure, this Ceramic Reed Diffuser set comprises:

  1. Hand thrown ceramic vessel finished in a warm, creamy speckled glaze.  Approximate Size: H10.5cm. D.8cm
  2. Glass bottle containing 125ml Wood Sage and Seasalt fragrance oil - enough to last approx 16 weeks (Longevity dependant upon the number of reeds used, temperature and location).
  3. 7 fibre reeds with a porous structure to diffuse fragrance along the entire length of the wick. A controlled fragrance release provides a reliable, high-performance fragrance throw.  Fibre Reeds do not need to be flipped and are engineered to not clog. 

Wood Sage and Seasalt is a popular mix which is not overpowering but has real staying power.  This fragrance really evolves and matures the longer it is airborne. 

Designed to be sustainable - either top up with an oil from my range of refills, or repurpose as a pretty bud vase or handmade decorative item for the home. 

Simply give the bottle of fragrance oil a shake before pouring into the Ceramic Vessel. Add the quantity of reeds to best suit your preferred scent throw (1-4 reeds in small rooms and/or for a slight, barely-there elegance; 4-6 for more moderate use; 7+ for a larger room and/or full-bodied release). I've found that it can take a day or two for the reeds to absorb the oil and carry the scent into the air. Different oils diffuse at different speeds. The reeds will continue to diffuse the scent long after soaking up the oil. Use the same reeds when refilling as they will contain much of the oil.

Please Note:

  • not suitable for use in oil burners
  • do not ignite
  • keep out of reach of children and pets
  • do not ingest
  • oils may stain or mark surfaces - wipe base before placing on protective, level surface and do not allow to come into contact with delicate surfaces or fabrics
  • wash hands after handling
  • may produce an allergic reaction